Ski and Board Service

edging wintersteiger

The folks at Omer and Bob’s love skiing and riding as much as you do. We have Tele skiers, Snowboarders, XC skiers, Backcountry skiers, and Alpine skiers on staff to service your boards, so no matter kind of equipment you have, it will get the expert service it deserves. Though our GRINDRITE™ and Winterstieger
tuning machines get the work done fast and efficiently, all of our tunes are hand-finished to make sure it’s always done just right.

Binding Work:

Alpine/AT Binding Mount: $30
Both boots are required, as well as skier height, weight, age and ability level. We have mounting jigs for virtually every binding system including most AT tech style bindings.

Alpine Binding Release Check: $15
The binding manufacturers recommend getting a release check each year. We need $15, both boots and the skier’s height, weight, age, and skier-type information to set the binding properly. The binding and boots also have to pass a visual inspection.

Telemark Mount: $25
We will need both boots to do a proper mount.

XC Binding Mount: $20
We charge $20 for all types of Nordic bindings. Boots are only required for 3-pin bindings but we do need to know the boot size for NNN setups.

Snowboard Binding Mount: $15
The boots are needed to fully adjust the bindings, but also information about the owners riding style and previous experience helps us dial the optimum set-up.


Tunes, Sharpening & Waxing

Full Tune-Up: $30
The Full Tune-Up includes flattening and stone grinding, sharpening, deburring, and detuning the edges and belt-waxing the base. $5 more gets minor base damage repaired, and major base work (core shots for example) starts at $10.

Sharpen and Wax: $18
We’ll sharpen, deburr and detune your edges, as well as give your bases a nicely buffed wax job.

Hot Box wax: $30
Give your skis or boards the ultimate treatment. The hot box treatment gets the most wax possible into the bases giving them long lasting speed and a durable base to put your race day wax onto.

Custom Iron-in Wax: $20
An iron-in waxing is one of the best things you can do for your skis or board. We can wax for a certain temperature if you like, or simply melt in a universal glider. This wax job will last much longer, provide more base protection, and reward you with great gliding and turning performance compared to a belt wax. Includes cost of CH-level wax.

Belt Wax: $8
We’ll run your bases over our heated wax coated belt; quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Sharpen / Custom Iron Wax: $33

Full Tune-Up / Custom Iron Wax: $45

Sharpen Only: $13
Includes the sharpen, deburring and detuning of your edges.

Alpine Ski boot shell modifications

We can push shells out to give you more room, replace buckles, and if needed grind material out for a better fit.  In general these services will start at around  $15 per boot