Gear Carriers for the Car

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We carry a big array of car rack equipment haulers including cargo boxes from Thule and some bike racks by Saris.  We provide free installation with any rack purchase.

Trunk Mount Bike:


  • the most inexpensive and the simplest design
  • easy to install and remove the rack as needed

These racks feature easy on, easy off installation.  You strap it to your trunk or hatchback and is equipped with cradles to carry two to three bikes, depending on the model.  The arms fold down so you may leave it on all season if you desire.  Fit most vehicles (we’ll let you know if your vehicle cannot accommodate a trunk mount).  Note that many models cannot be locked to the car for security but some can.   Bikes that don’t have fairly horizontal top tubes can be hard to fit on these racks.


Hitch Mount bike:


  • high bike carrying capacity (2 to 5 depending on model)
  • stable and secure mounting
  • can be locked to the car for security

These slide into your receiver hitch (that square protrusion that sticks out underneath your bumper—it’s what you attach a trailer to).  Most trucks, SUVs and bigger vehicles come equipped with them.  Our friendly neighborhood U haul can install one on your car.  All models tilt down so you can access your trunk and a few can swing away from the rear door while loaded with bikes.  Most of  models have a lock system, (some models purchased separately), that will secure the rack to your car.  Bikes that don’t have fairly horizontal top tubes can be hard to fit on these racks.

 Tray Hitch style bike rack:



There are 2 main advantages to the tray style racks, they fit almost any bike and they are easy to load and unload as they are lower to the ground and attach in a simpler manner.  They generally only come in 2 bike or 4 bike options (must have a 2″ receiver for the 4 bike) and they fold up when not in use.


Roof Mount:



Great for bikes, skis, cargo, kayaks, 2x4s etc.

  • secure–rack systems can be locked to the roof, and gear locked to the rack
  • gear not damaged in fender benders

The most costly option, but often the best choice for the all-around outdoor enthusiast as it can carry so many things.  Your bikes are kept on your roof, safely away from the squealing tires and hungry grilles that prowl the pavement.  The rack system mounts either directly above your car doors, or onto a preexisting factory rack.  Fork mounts (where the front wheel is removed before securing the bike) and Upright carriers (the bike is attached with both wheels on) are the most popular bike carrying methods.  Check out the new aero bars that make roof racks quieter than ever and rust free at the same time.

Boxes and Bags:


Boxes are great storage extenders for your car and that space is out of the elements and out of the danger zones outside on  the car.  No more rusty ski  edges.  Skis are the classic use but think about summer vacation and all the room it can free up in the car.

Roof Top ski Mount:


Ski racks are a more  inexpensive way to haul your skis and boards around.  They are lockable and come in several different models.