Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

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What are electric bikes?  They are like a regular bike except even more fun!  To be called a E-bike the rider still has to pedal and provide some of the power for the motor to add assist and in the USA at least, the electric assist cuts out at around 20-28 MPH depending on the bike.  Because of those characteristics, no licence or registration is needed to operate them and they can be ridden on any road or path a non electric bike can go.

Electric bikes are both fun to ride and a useful tool.  Some people use them to tackle tougher rides than they could normally do or to keep up with fitter riders.  They are often used for commuting, allowing riders to arrive at work all fresh and ready to go.  It is much easier to haul extra gear with a couple hundred extra watts of power.

We carry the Specialized Turbo and Turbo Levo series of electric bikes.   These are very well designed and thought out bikes.  The Turbo models are made with the electric motor and battery being smoothly integrated into the frame and rear wheel.  Because they are rear wheel motor bikes they are completely silent.  All E-bikes are quiet but mid motor bikes do make some noise which you don’t have on the Turbos.

The Turbo Levo models are off road orientated and so use a frame mounted motor to balance the weight for better trail handling.  Not all Mountain bike trails are open to E-bikes at this time but they can go anywhere that a snowmobile or dirt bike can go.  As a bonus they do it quietly with no fumes,  and you still get a real workout in.  The Turbo Levo fatbike we have available is a great option for exploring the hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails and class 6 roads this area has.


The most often asked question is:  How long does the battery last?  The most common answer is “it depends.”  The two biggest variables are how much assist you are using, most E-bikes have different boost settings, and how much climbing you are doing.  The size of the battery in Kwh’s is also a factor.  If you are doing big climbs at full boost  you may get 20 miles a charge or so while light boost and flat roads you could get 50 miles.  Like any modern Li-Ion battery, it should be recharged before it gets fully drained to preserve battery life.  A well maintained battery should last up to 1000 charging cycles or so, which should be a least a few years for frequent riders.  Depending on capacity, replacement batteries will range from $400 up to $800 dollars.   Unlike electric (or gas) cars of course you can still pedal to your destination with a empty tank.