Hybrid Bike Types

trekVerveClassic Hybrid Looks sort of like a mountain bike with road wheels. They are great for riding on the road, bike paths, rail trails and dirt roads. The riser handlebars are well above the seat to make things more upright and comfortable, and the smooth rolling tires give an easy ride. The gearing is lower than a road bike (but higher than a mountain bike) for easier pedaling up hills. A suspension fork and seatpost make short work of bumps.

SirrusPerformance Hybrid They usually drop the suspension in favor of a rigid fork, have lighter components and a more aerodynamic position than the Classic Hybrid. This makes them more efficient and fun on longer rides. These also make great companions for commuting to work. Some models come with gearing similar to the Classic Hybrid, while higher-performance models sport pure road bike drivetrains.

navigatorComfort Hybrid All the same features of the Classic Hybrid, except that it uses smaller mountain bike wheels (with larger mountain bike style tires) and the lower mountain bike gears for more standover height, easier pedaling and greater comfort.  It also has a even more upright riding position than the classic type.

townieFlat foot Hybrid This is the one type of bike where you can have the seat at the correct height for proper leg extension  and still put your feet flat on the ground while sitting on the seat.  Riding these bikes is like sitting on the couch except you are moving, they are very comfortable and super fun.  This isn’t the bike for a big workout or keeping up with your friends, but for getting out and seeing the world.