Bike Rental

Bike Rental

Our rental hybrids are Trek FX bikes (similar to pictured pictured above) and are perfect for cruising the Northern rail trail which starts a few hundred yards from our store.  They have a smooth enough tire that they cruise fine on the pavement as well if you would like a more upright ride than a road bike provides. Hybrid rental is $25 for up to 24 hours and $100 for a week with a helmet and lock included if you need.

divergeFor those more used to road bikes we have Specialized Diverges for $40 a day and $200 a week.  There are a wide variety of road rides available around here from flat and scenic to really really steep and scenic from 10 miles to 200 miles.   With disc brakes and a little wider tires they are great for both paved or gravel roads so the possibilities are almost endless.

trekremedyimageWe also have a small fleet of Mountain Bikes that we also use as our demo models for $45 a day.  We have a bunch of great local rides posted on our rides page.


turboTrek Lift, Trek Conduit, and Specialized Turbo E-bike demos are $45 a day.  Ready for a fun ride?  It’s like riding a regular bike, just faster with less effort.


sun lite bike trailerWe also have a 2 seat bike trailer to rent ($10 a day) if you want to bring the small ones along.


thule_trunk_rackThule rear mount bike rack ($10 a day) to rent if you need a way to haul your bike around.