Types of Kid's Bikes

Omer & Bob's Trade-In Trade-Up Program

We want your child on a quality bike that fits him or her properly. To encourage the purchase of a good fit, Omer & Bob's offers a trade-in, trade-up option with every kid's bike we sell. If your child grows out of the bike in a year, return it to us and apply 50% of the purchase price towards a larger size. After 2 years apply 40%. After 3 years apply 30%, and beyond that the value is at our discretion and determined by the bike's condition.

Do you think training wheels are a hassle? We do, and when training wheels are used it takes kids longer to learn to ride on two wheels. There is another way. Both Trek and Specialized make bikes (push bikes are a common name for the category) that are meant to be pushed along with the feet instead of pedaling. This allows children to learn balance by themselves without the intimidation of heading down hill or trying to pedal. The Specialized Hotwalk (12 in wheel) is quite small so that most 2-3 year olds can use it. We have seen 2 year olds easily pushing along and balancing and steering away. It is very light so the little ones can handle it themselves. The Trek Float (16 in wheel) is built with removable cranks and pedals that can be readily installed when the child has the balance and is ready to pedal.


All kids bikes are sized by wheel diameter and 12-inchers are the smallest. 1 gear, coaster brake, and training wheels starts kids out right. A great transition to a two-wheeled bike for your child. Recommended age is 3 to 4 years, with a height of 35-45 inches.


A little bigger version of the 12 inch. All of Trek's kids bikes have child-specific parts like the grips and saddles, giving the child better control. Comes with coaster brakes, but is available in a version with the addition of a handbrake. Recommended age is 4 to 6 years, with a height of 39-49 inches.


You have a choice of staying with a singlespeed bike or having 6 or so gears. The singlespeed will accept training wheels but the multispeed will not. Multispeed models also have handbrakes only. Recommended age is 6 to 9 years, with a height of 44-53 inches.


A mini version of a full adult mountain bike. There are also a few 24 inch road bikes available. Recommended age is 9 to 12 years, with a height of 53-65 inches.